Posted by: Waheeda Harris | December 5, 2012

Photo rejects – should you take a second look?

California - Palm Springs Ace Hotel photosI remember my first photography teacher telling me that it isn’t in the camera that a photo is created – its in the darkroom. For him, you needed the distance from the subject to be able to edit and figure out what image deserved to be printed.

Fast forward into this century where we can take photos so easily – but learning how to edit, its tough, and I’m still learning.

Every trip helps me learn a little bit more – how to deal with light, action, colour and subjects.

And like many of my fellow journalists, we’re all compelled to take more photos than we used to – for our own pleasure, for stories that need illustration and for accurate reminders of where we were.

There are many times that when I’m writing this blog or for articles that I go back to my photos from trips that were earlier this year, last year or the year before.

With time, I’ve learned to take another look at my photos, to see the destination with fresh eyes and understanding. Sometimes I’m frustrated, wishing I had taken more photos, and sometimes I’m happy, to discover something I hadn’t seen.

I remember seeing this photo booth at The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, with the side wall display filled with rejects from guests who decided not to keep the images. I think they shouldn’t have discarded them, even though it does bring many smiles to the faces of those of us who get to see them.

I encourage you to take a second look – and to take more photos. Just know that at first glance it may not be the winner but down the road, that image may prove to be the truth of where you were at that time.

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