Posted by: Waheeda Harris | December 10, 2012

Fave places 2012: Calusa Beach, Bahia Honda State Park, Florida Keys USA

Florida - driving through the KeysSouth of Duck Key in the Florida Keys, was one of my favourite discoveries: Bahia Honda State Park.

Plenty of space for sunning, swimming and even camping, this state park’s Calusa Beach was a quiet oasis among the oddities and fun of being in the Florida Keys.

One part of the beach was heavily covered with seaweed due to a recent storm, but that provided a unique contrast to the sea and sand, as I wandered the shoreline, looking for shells, spotting a uniquely-coloured jellyfish and a view of the Seven Mile Bridge from below.

I realized the charm of the Florida Keys was the balance between the small towns with their colourful shops, bars and restaurants and these beautiful wild expanses of beach.

The laid-back atmosphere was a welcome change from the bright lights of Miami and certainly distinct in its view of the world – and I would happily return here, to sun, swim and soak up the calming influences of the Keys.

Florida - Calusa beach north

Florida - FL Keys Calusa Beach

Florida - Calusa Beach sand

Florida - Calusa Beach jellyfish

Florida - Calusa Beach rocks

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