Posted by: Waheeda Harris | December 14, 2012

Fave places 2012: Random shots of the Florida Keys USA

Florida - Key West Peanut Butter n' WHAT?As someone who is first a writer and second a photographer, when I’m visiting a destination I’m looking for the hook to make the story – something that will help me write about where I am.

I often need to look for information that fufills my assignment, and the best way to gather information – find out as much as possible. So with my camera, I take as many photos as possible, and I usually regret not taking more photos.

But one thing I never regret is going back and looking through my photos and finding fun images, which relate to no major storyline – but are still memorable, whether its for the serene beauty or pure hilarity that is the Florida Keys.

The Florida Keys provided me with several images, such as someone parasailing over Duck Key:

Florida - parasailing in the Keys

Or spotting a giant lobster on the side of the road:

Florida - Keys lobster

Or seeing this sign, which was an art project:

Miami - Cash for your Warhol sign

The green sea at Calusa Beach…

Florida - Calusa Beach

And found the place where Santa will be heading December 26th:

Florida - Florida Keys Santa

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