Posted by: Waheeda Harris | December 17, 2012

Fave places 2012: springtime in Vancouver, BC Canada

Vancouver - blue flowersSpring is always such a joyful time for me – it was always my favourite season when I was a child growing up in British Columbia.

Seeing the earth change from frozen to muddy, the first flowers pushing their way up to the sky and the rain washing everything clean and getting ready for more sun and longer days.

I rarely get to experience that now, as where I live spring is a lot shorter and not a slow rise into summer like it was when I was younger in western Canada.

But this year, I did get to experience spring, with all its warm glory, and see the beauty of the cherry blossoms, an iconic stereotype of spring, and prolific throughout Vancouver, as well as see flowers and plants blooming everywhere, including my Dad’s burgeoning seedlings for the garden.

It reminded me of how something so simple can make us all look at the day a bit better, with a better outlook – and the power of pink, which is never a negative colour, as well as the numerous shades of green.

As I saw many people taking photos of the flowers and flowering trees, I was glad to be among the happy spirit of those all loving that it was finally spring.

Vancouver - cherry blossoms

Vancouver - flower blossoms

Vancouver - magnolia

British Columbia - North Vancouver: Lynn Canyon

Vancouver - Dad's garden

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