Posted by: Waheeda Harris | December 18, 2012

Fave places 2012 – springtime in Whistler, BC Canada

Whistler - Valley trail Although springtime usually means warmer sun, flowers and buds on the leaves, for those who love the mountains, spring can still mean snow.

As I explored the Village and mountains at Whistler/Blackcomb, traversing from mountain via the Peak to Peak Gondola and wandering into the village shops, I was struck by the rarity of this experience.

When it comes to the end of March, beginning of April, there’s not many ski resorts that had the amount of snow that was on the ground at Whistler. Ironically in the Village it would be rain, but once you took the lift up to the top, all that precipitation was coming down at snow at the higher elevation.

Those lucky enough to be skiing or snowboarding were so happy to be out in the snow – wearing their protective gear to keep dry as it wasn’t that cold.

I marveled at the amount of snow – thinking of the city of Vancouver celebrating its cherry blossoms, while on the mountain, every additional day was another joyful day for those who love the snow.

Whistler - Lost Lake snowshoe trail

Whistler - Blackcomb peak to peak gondola

Whistler - Lost Lake Trail uphill

Whistler - Peak to Peak gondola view

Whistler - chairlift

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