Posted by: Waheeda Harris | December 24, 2012

Fave moments 2012: Abaco Islands, The Bahamas (part one)

Bahamas - Conch crawl signMy first visit to this group of out islands in the Bahamas started off with a turbulent flight from Nassau to Abaco. Strong winds and a thunderstorm were moving quickly and the small plane had to manoevure through the gusts.

But as soon as we broke through, I could see brilliant blue sea and a small island, one that would reveal many unique natural secrets – like the Blue Holes, underwater caves that are only found in a few places on Earth, or the Abaco Parrot soon to be designated a distinct species.

Although the atmosphere was familiar, similar to other Bahamian islands I had visited before, the distinctness of each island we visited in the Abacos, made me realize the power of an island to become unique.

So as I explored by car and boat, I felt myself slowing down, and happily taking each moment as it came.

Bahamas - Abaco motorboat

Bahamas - Abaco Beach Resort marina

Bahamas - Abaco parrot feathers

Bahamas- South Abaco road

The Bahamas - beach

For more images from the Abacos, check out part two & part three….


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