Posted by: Waheeda Harris | December 31, 2012

Fave places 2012: the isle of Grenada, West Indies Caribbean (part one)

Grenada hiking shoesOn my second visit to this beautiful island, I saw a few of the same things, but also experienced a lot of new things – including developing a more adventurous view of this destination.

Many Caribbean islands focus on the laid-back environment – encouraging visitors to just focus on their beaches and hospitality.

But those who need something to give them more of an adrenaline rush should consider visiting Grenada to explore the island’s numerous mountains for hiking.

Up close and personal with all the lush vegetation – definitely worth overcoming heat, humidity and mosquito bites. And no fancy equipment required (as seen by my guide’s shoes for hiking) and you may meet the waterfall diver of the island – Butterfly.

If you’re more of an ocean explorer, then rent a kayak, and get a different view of the island as well as the sea. Spot some of Jason de Caires Taylor’s sculptures or the numerous marine life or just soak up the sun, and keep paddling!

Grenada - empty beach

Grenada - hiking to Seven Sisters Waterfalls

Grenada - Butterfly

Grenada - kayaking offshore

Grenada - Jason Taylor bench

Grenada - underwater sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor

For more images of Grenada, check out part two and part three…


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