Posted by: Waheeda Harris | January 3, 2013

Fave places 2012 – the island of Grenada, West Indies Caribbean (part three)

Grenada - painted gardenOne of the fun side effects of travel is not only seeing beautiful landscape or discovering amazing cuisine, for me its about understanding – especially if its about day to day life or what makes locals laugh.

I love spotting odd signs or unique art, the things that won’t be seen in a typical tourist shop or in a hotel lobby – these items are often spotted on the side of the road, on the wall in a restaurant or bar or in an unexpected spot.

And then there’s always a local item that can only be found there – like the bottles of aphrodisiacs I spotted at a local shop.

For me its about uncovering even more about life on this island – and although I’ve been lucky to visit Grenada twice, I hope I can make it a third time.

Grenada scarecrow

Grenada - Shack work shop

Grenada - local sign

Grenada - building graff

Grenada graffiti

Grenada - aphrodisiac

For more images, see part one and part two…



  1. […] For more fave images of Grenada, check out part one and part three […]

  2. […] For more images of Grenada, check out part two and part three… […]

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