Posted by: Waheeda Harris | January 9, 2013

Fave places 2012: the island of Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean (part two)

Tobago black sand beachAlthough its all about the islands, another thrill for me when I visited T&T was going below the water’s surface to explore the sea surrounding the islands.

I played with my Olympus camera, which is a traditional point and shoot but its also waterproof. So my colleagues who were snorkeling indulged me as I played with settings and captured our exploration of the Caribbean Sea off Tobago.

After seeing whales and seeing the beautiful beaches only accessible by boat, it was a perfect day of snorkeling – and being able to share my images from below the sea to those on dry land.

Tobago - swimming to beach

Tobago - view from the coast

Tobago - snorkeler

Tobago - trio of fish

Tobago - swimming

Tobago - secluded beach

For more images of Trinidad & Tobago, check out part one….

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