Posted by: Waheeda Harris | January 18, 2013

Fave places 2012 – Central California, USA (part two)

California - hot peppersMy focus when visiting Central California was food. And poor me, I was introduced to so many amazing fresh and locally-created items, and I had to taste them all.

I attended the Sunset Savor the Central Coast, and learned more about California’s bounty. This state has the lucky combination of climate and passion that focuses the locals to want to grow, raise and create unique food items.

So as I tasted my way through the festival, I kept wondering how I was going to a/taste everything and b/try to bring some examples home with me. I did my best eating and drinking a wide variety of California cuisine, but wished my carry-on luggage was bigger to bring back more tasty samples.

California - shrimp salsa

California - Sunset Savor the Central Coast roast beef

California - Chef Feniger's melon salad

California - Cambria smoked abalone

California - Tognazzini's fish soup

For more images of Central California, check out part one….


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