Posted by: Waheeda Harris | January 22, 2013

Snow, frost, wind, cold – its January in Canada

Toronto - snowAs I wrote about yesterday, I’m not a fan of winter. But I am a fan of snow.

I love seeing snow falling – from the slow descent to gently cover the landscape, to the fast and furious, like a fight between the sky and the earth.

Its a good reason to visit Canada in January – because almost no matter where you go, you’ll get to experience snow.

Now, its going to be cold, and its going to be windy. That’s the source of my least favourite part of winter – windchill – but to experience the fun of snow – its worth it to bundle up and go tobogganing, skiing, snowboarding or my favourite, snowshoeing.

But when the snow falls, despite the cold and wind, everything has to slow down. You have to take the time to get through snow – whether you’re driving or walking. Just like the way a beach holiday is aimed at taking you out of the rat race, so does the snow.

And hopefully you’ll get a glimpse of frost – which like snow, is a unique pattern, an ice formation that is to me, even prettier than snow. Its my inner battle – I love to see frost, but I know it means its very, very cold.

frost a

I remember when I was a young child in elementary school. After undressing and before settling in my classroom seat during the winter, I would go to the window and look for the frost pattern that reminded me of lace. I always wanted to capture its uniqueness, which is what I’m trying to do now during the winter days:

frost c

As winter reveals itself differently each day, I try to remind myself that its supposed to be this cold in Canada in January. And if I’m here, I might as well celebrate the beauty found in it.

frost b


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