Posted by: Waheeda Harris | January 23, 2013

The colder it gets, the more we dream of the heat

Toronto - snowingAs soon as the thermometer hits the negative double digits, Canadians start dreaming of sun, heat, palm trees and drinks with little umbrellas.

When I used to live near a major street, I would watch the billboard space change to a resort company ad as soon as the snow started to fall. That image of a woman lying in her bikini on an island beach became distasteful for me – it began to represent an idyllic existence that wasn’t possible.

That was until my good friend moved to the Bahamas, and she encouraged me to come visit her in January or February. I remember spending over a week with her, soaking up the sun, swimming in the sea and relaxing.

Bahamas - beach along Nassau's Eastern Road

When I returned to the cold of winter in Canada, I realized how that little bit of sun made a huge difference. I could face the layers of polar fleece and down jacket. I could handle the constant runny nose, watery eyes and the fact that I would be too hot in any store and then feel colder when I had to walk outside again.

So fellow Canadians – when it gets too much, escape to the sun. Look for that package deal and head south. And for visitors, come see us – there’s plenty of winter to around and we’re happy to share.

winter skyline

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