Posted by: Waheeda Harris | January 29, 2013

Good wine and good food

Niagara - Fallsview chefsTasting your way through Niagara is just as fun as sipping – and put both hand in hand, and you’ll discover some of the best of Ontario cuisine.

With a focus on local and sustainable, Niagara vineyards are happy to showcase their wines with some amazing food creations, especially during the Icewine Festival during January.

For those who are fixated on food, its a wide range of tastes that are paired with Icewine – or in some cases, the wine is used as an ingredient as well.

Here’s some of the tasty discoveries I got to savour while in Niagara, starting with fresh bocconcini with pepper and pesto:

Niagara - Icewine Ball cheese

Shrimp with cucumber and tomato with a creamy mustard sauce:

Niagara - Icewine Ball shrimp

Strawberries dipped in chocolate – classic taste:

Niagara - Icewine Ball strawberries

And another sweet treat: chocolate cake pops:

Niagara - Icewine Ball cake pops

And my last taste – a piece from the local cheese plate:

Niagara - Icewine Ball cheese plate

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