Posted by: Waheeda Harris | February 8, 2013

Exploring Mother Nature is best done by snowshoes

Ontario - Muskoka snow tracksExploring Canada in the month of February = snow.

I’ve spent time exploring the snow during this month, especially on snowshoes.

I love being able to navigate the landscape, weave between the trees and go into areas that would be almost impossible without snowshoes.

My favourite option is to go snowshoeing at night, best done with a guide.

In the Muskoka area of Ontario, I headed out with my group, concentrating on keeping to the trail as we were surrounded by the quiet of the forest.

There were a few lights to make it safer for us as we started, but once we got into the depth of the forest, it was still, calm and only lit by the moon.

As we looked at the ground, trying to see some animal tracks, we also looked up at the sky, seeing the night sky. It made me wish I had a camera that could capture all I could see in the darkness of the forest.

We didn’t talk as much, consumed by using our senses as we progressed along the trail. Our collective reverence for the experience was a side effect none of us expected. Snow had calmed us, quieted us and made us appreciate Mother Nature.

Despite my adoration of summer no matter what, if you invite me snowshoeing, I’ve got my polar fleece and goretex ready to head into the wild – whether its a city park or a trail – just to experience the quiet of the night forest, see the stars in the sky and have that moment of contemplation.


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