Posted by: Waheeda Harris | February 11, 2013

The sun makes it all better

Toronto - Carlton StreetI’m longing for travel.

I want to get in a car, board the train or head through the gate to get on the plane.

But alas, I need to stay home – to write. To finish assignments and focus on some big projects.

Not that it makes me want to travel any less. I read with envy of friends and acquaintances and where they are, what they’re experiencing, perusing their photos of what they’ve seen.

So I decided to focus on my home, my enclave, thinking it would make me forget about the allure of going somewhere.

Instead it reminded me of all the places I have been – as I cleaned my home, as I sorted my papers and organized my world, the constant reminders of where I had been were spotted at every turn.

Whether it was a bracelet acquired in a store in Vancouver or a photograph from Melbourne, even a matchbook picked up in Trinidad. Each item had its affect on me – and certainly made me even more itchy to go somewhere.

This past Saturday was the day after a major snowstorm, and with the brilliant blue sky and plenty of white snow on the streets, I was beckoned outside to see the aftermath of almost two days of constant storm.

And although I still have that inner demon wanting me to leave the city, the pretty snow-covered houses and the happy cries of kids playing in the snow placated me from my obsession of going elsewhere. I stood in the sun and just let the surroundings affect me, my way to keep surviving in the big city.

Toronto - Cabbagetown houses


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