Posted by: Waheeda Harris | February 19, 2013

How to plan a trip? Isn’t it all about friends?

Santiago, ChileSeveral years ago, when I was woefully uninspired about using my vacation time, I asked a friend what to do.  Her belief and now adapted by me – if you have friends in interesting places – go visit!

At that time, she had a friend living in Morocco, and had gone to visit, being able to see that unique destination in a unique way. And isn’t that our goal travellers? To avoid the tried and true and see a place in a new way?

So although costs of transportation may prevent you from that far-flung city that a friend now lives in or your holiday only allows a short trip, its a worthy rule to apply.

I still regret that I didn’t visit my friend who lived in Mexico – although I’ve now been a few times to different parts of that nation, I’m sad I never spent time with her there, as we have travelled together many times.

She then moved to Chile, and I did visit her there – in fact, it was one of my favourite trips in the past years. We had a great time exploring Santiago where she lived, and going on short trips in northern Chile. We went to new places to the both of us, she showed me her favourite places and we got lost too.

I remind myself as I start my planning that those kind of trips will always mean more to me than my trips that I take for work – because travel shared is always more fun.



  1. Thanks for writing this point! I am checking flights now for a trip to Europe where my aunt lives! ; )

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