Posted by: Waheeda Harris | February 22, 2013

Thinking of Ireland

Ireland - Bushmills I had the pleasure of visiting Ireland and Northern Ireland two years ago – a trip that was definitely one of my favourites.

And thanks to several editors, I’ve been writing stories about the different cities and counties that I explored. So for the past weeks, I’ve been thinking about Ireland – the cuisine, the people, the architecture and the amazing places I got to see.

I realize that when I write about a destination, I get to experience the trip all over again – remembering the history I learned, thinking about where I stayed and  the people I met.

Unlike some writers, who focus on the most recent experiences, I tend to go back into my memory to bring forth all those details about a trip from last year, the year before and even farther back.

A lot of times its triggered by photos – and I’m thankful I take as many as I do – and its not always my memory that is reliable. Sometimes there’s a faint memory, that is only triggered through online research. And then the images are overwhelming in my mind.

I was trying to remember a small inn where I had lunch in County Antrim and had to search online to find it. And then, when I saw the name (The Bushmills Inn), I remembered the long wooden dining table, the relaxed atmosphere – and the tasty sandwich I had with salad.

Every article has triggered these kind of memories – and its made me want to book a flight.



  1. Love hearing about your writing process and how pictures bring back the memories of a place for you.

    I love the north coast of Ireland, can’t wait to go back!

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