Posted by: Waheeda Harris | February 25, 2013

What’s in the bag? Five electronics to always bring on the trip

Nikon cameraThe biggest change for me in travelling hasn’t just been that I write about it for work, but that I bring with me items that I can now not live without.

I used to only bring one electronic item – which was my first camera, a Nikon. But times have changed, and now its multiple items that need to make the trip, whether its a day, overnight or longer.

I’m always asked about packing – which usually refers to clothes. But that’s actually the last thing I think about when I’m getting ready for a trip. When I start packing, the first thing I think about now is electronics.

And as I’ve added to my mini installment of Best Buy in my travel bag, I’ve become quite addicted to some items. Here’s my essentials for what gets to travel with me:

1. laptop/netbook – although I haven’t succumbed to a tablet, as someone who make her living as a writer, I admit, I love a big screen and a proper keyboard. Although I try to avoid writing anything lengthy when I’m travelling for work – when it happens, I’m not able to easily create on something small.

2. mini power bar – makes life so much easier when that one outlet has to power so many things. And thanks to 360Electrical’s creation – the Powercurve mobile surge protector, with two rotating grounded outlets and two USB outlets. Now all you need is an easily accessible outlet.

3. universal adaptor – no matter where you live on our planet, you’ll hopefully head somewhere where you’re electrical will need some help to find the right plugs. And please, spend the money, cheap adaptors will die quickly and soon be another piece of discarded plastic.

4. camera (s) – yes I regularly travel with two cameras (and own three). But more important than the type of camera – make sure you like and understand how the camera works. Always remember to  charge your battery save the photos to multiple sources – backup drive and a computer – don’t leave them on the camera.

5. And its all about memory – a back up drive to save items, whethers its photos, documents or video, or a bigger memory card for the camera or video camera. There’s no point creating all these amazing things, when they can disappear in a moment.

A tip for those who need help in organizing it all – keep as many items together. Except for my laptop, everything else, cameras, cords, back up drives, memory cards, etc etc..goes in my camera bag. And when I go through airport security, officials appreciate it all being contained in one bag, that they can check if needed.


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