Posted by: Waheeda Harris | February 26, 2013

What’s in the bag? Five things to buy at the airport

The goal is not only to get to the airport on time, but to be prepared for whatever the trip throws your way.

But sometimes, its not always easy to make sure you have everything with you. Whether its a series of checklists or a system to insure you don’t forget anything, regular travellers are always trying to minimize what they purchase while on the road.

Yet being on the road means you’re away from home and a regular routine, so there’s going to be some things that require you taking out your wallet.

Here’s five things that are always worth buying at the airport:

1. With all the regulations about security, its worth it to buy food at the airport. I’m not advocating overspending, such as paying $5 for a plain bagel (which we’ve all done in desperation) but when it makes sense, do it. The current trend to have more local restaurant representation in airports means that travellers will also get access to something distinct, not generic.

2. Reading material – even for all those dedicated tech users of e-readers and tablets, there’s something about an airport that calls out for going old school and buying a newspaper, magazine or book. And for those of us who know more than one language, its an opportunity to something not easily found at home.

3. Like that travel bag or need a tech accessory? The airport has now added to its endless display of souvenirs to provide some of the current travel accessories as well as through the Best Buy vending machines, the latest technology. From TSA approved locks to items that keep you organized, airport shops provide many options for travel gadget acquisition.

4. This may apply more for ladies than men, but the plethora of places to get a quick manicure or pedicure, or a shoulder massage makes good sense to me. A little me-time or a way to keep relaxed when travelling is a treat that shouldn’t be passed over.

5. Want to bring something from home for those far away? I find selections at the airport to bring Canadiana to friends in the United States or farther afield to be one of the best places whether its maple syrup flavoured sweeties, Icewine or something adorned with the red maple leaf.


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