Posted by: Waheeda Harris | February 27, 2013

What’s in the bag? Five things for the toiletry bag

I’m fascinated with beauty products – the creams, lotions and potions that can make you into a prettier version of yourself.

But I know when I’m being sold a bill of goods on what will really work and what’s actually necessary.

Although my bathroom cabinet is not a minimalist affair, I do realize that there are several products I don’t need.

There are the essential items – like soap, toothpaste, shampoo, lip balm, moisturizer and sunscreen.

Sometimes these items can be combined and made into even better products (face moisturizer/sunscreen being one of my favourites, as you can use it from head to toe).

But what about those other items that can make life easier – no matter if you’re travelling for business or heading into the jungle?

Here’s five that should become part of the regular group that inhabits the kit bag among your essentials:

1. cleansing cloths – from makeup removal to a quick way to clean up when water is scarce, these have become a favourite of mine when travelling. To make sure they don’t dry out, wrap in a recloseable plastic bag.

2. Dr. Burt’s Res Q ointment – comes in a flat green tin, this salve helps heal cuts, bruises and bumps, as well as can be used to help decongest the nose and is perfect to help prevent blisters on your feet.

3. body powder – whether you prefer baby powder or a favourite scented powder, it can be used on feet to absorb the sweat, used liberally to remove sand and an easily applied and affordable deodorant all over the body when necessary.

4. antihistamine – a generic allergy tablet is a must-have for those with allergies, but can also help those with a cold to help decongest and for those prone to mosquito bite itchiness, can take away that itch very quickly.

5. resealable plastic bags – just in case one of the products starts to leak or a newly acquired product needs to be wrapped, an extra plastic bag can help keep items dry, wet and can be used to protect electronics, store snacks or just be a helpful organizing tool. My fave – Lug clearview envelopes (shown above)

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