Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 5, 2013

Reliving the travel experience

Philadelphia - firemen muralI wonder what it was like for the traveller in the time period where technology wasn’t easily accessible.

A conversation I had recently with another writer, she said she felt sorry for today’s generation who are travelling, as they never get to disconnect from their world to experience a far-flung destination.

They can easily text or message when on the road with their mobile phone and via the internet can keep family and friends updated on their travels via social media and blogs.

As we instagram and facebook share, tweet and tumblr our way through the world, are we truly experiencing a place through our five senses when we’re there or is it diminished because we do feel compelled to share it in the moment?

There are times when the burden of social media are heavy on me – I know when I’m on assignment that my publication (s) as well as my local contact (s) expect me to show off who I rep as much as where I am.

There’s the excitement of seeing something odd or funny or fantastic and wanting others to be able to see it too.

But there’s also that moment when you want it to be just you – in the place and experiencing it for yourself.

I get that feeling from my photos, not the one’s taken with my handheld smarty pants device, but with my DSLR Canon, which cannot reveal its contents as easily  since it needs a cord to connect to the world.

So in the quiet of the end of the day or in the solace of my home, I watch the images download and my travel experience becomes my own – revealed by snap happy pursuits only to me. As seen in this photo above, I was focused on the mural and the people walking by, not noticing the garbage can in front of me until I saw the downloaded image.

I don’t regret my sharing via other mediums, but I know that I still have some travel secrets just for me.


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