Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 19, 2013

Art in every direction

Philadelphia - Zagar mosaic houseI’m always happy to see a city celebrate its arts – whether its by the number of museums and galleries, murals or sculpture.

As I spent time wandering the city of Philadelphia, I was happy to see the wide range of art in all directions – and even in the most unique forms.

After visiting the Magic Gardens, an art installation by Isaiah Zagar, I was told there were many other examples of his art work in the neighbourhood, and easy to spot.

I became an explorer , wandering the streets with my camera and map, looking for murals as well as Zagar’s distinctive mosaic.

I saw his art on garage doors, walls, alleys, doorways and my favourite, the front of this house.

I gazed up at this creation, a three story mosaic, that shimmers in the light and makes this home obviously a distinct creation in a row of townhouses.

But at the same time, the house wasn’t so outlandish or odd that it would make you wonder why the owner would have allowed an artist to use the front exterior as a canvas.

For this art lover and traveller, it was a fun find while wandering the streets and made me affirm my belief in finding art anywhere and everywhere.


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