Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 21, 2013

The Magic Gardens experience

Philadelphia - Magic Gardens smileA friend of mine offered a suggestion for my trip to Philadelphia – go check out the Magic Gardens.

He had a hard time describing it to me, but considering that I had a wide range of tastes when it came to art, he knew it would be my thing.

So on a sunny day, I went to see the Magic Gardens. An art experience that is hard to describe or define.

Imagine a former vacant lot, now an installation of mosaic and sculpture by artist Isaiah Zagar. But its more than that – its art within art, messages, commentary, sculpture, emotion and at least distinct.

Created by Zagar, the Magic Gardens was his expression – but the space wasn’t his. Thankfully the owner gave him the opportunity to raise funds to buy the land, and the community helped out and made it possible.

I loved the overwhelming quality of the space – it wasn’t about one thing, but a multitude of things. But the real understanding starts when you start seeing the pieces within – the human figures, the body parts, the commentary by the artist.

Thanks to the materials mainly being ceramic, porcelain and mirror, there’s no lack of sparkle as well as a surface that can withstand the elements.

But its the free form fun of this visionary art that makes it fascinating to any onlooker – whether you think him an artist or just someone who’s habit got out of hand.

And for those who love the style – walk around the neighbourhood, to discover many kinds of surfaces transformed by Zagar.

Philadelphia - Magic Gardens mosaic


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