Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 22, 2013

More Magic in Philadelphia

Philadelphia - Magic Gardens entranceIt’s hard to explain the Magic Gardens.

I keep thinking about how the artist Isaiah Zagar slowly and methodically created this installation and how it would have been an all encompassing obsession – but how did he stop?

Was it the limits of the space or the limits he put on himself?

It reminds me of being a traveller – knowing when and how to explore.

It’s not always about limitless travel, sometimes its about a place, a city, a neighbourhood, and how it becomes your personal exploration.

So as I wandered the Magic Gardens and tried to make sense of the colours, mosaics, sculptures and patterns.

I don’t know if I truly understand yet, but I suspect I’ll never truly understand it all – and isn’t that the best way to view art and the world?


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