Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 26, 2013

The joy of the market

Philadelphia - Reading Terminal neon As I’ve written before, I’m always the first one to look for a local market – and minutes after arriving at my hotel in Philaldelphia, I was directed to Reading Terminal Market, the main market of the downtown.

A bustling place, well-used by locals, this is also a tourist destination, a place for visitors to eat and shop local items not seen elsewhere.

I happily tucked into a sandwich (not a cheesesteak, since I hadn’t learned the proper procedure of how to order) from an Italian resto and surveyed the crowd, which had taken over almost all the seats in the common areas.

Office workers and police officers, taxi drivers and lawyers, all were happily sitting side by side with seniors and kids, and even a few teenagers, all in line for food, or happily eating their chosen options.

There were plenty of neon signs above and lots of colours and scents to distract the senses, even if your lunch choice had already been made.

Philadelphia - Reading Terminal counter

It was noisy, cramped and busy – and certainly not a place for a quiet contemplation. And I loved that so many places had counters with stools for their diners.

Philadelphia - Reading Terminal counter patron

But that’s why it was fun and alluring and definitely a place to not only satiate hunger, but to get a quick hit of the rhythm of Philadelphia and a bit of humour at the chocolate counter:

Philadelphia - Tyson ear


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