Posted by: Waheeda Harris | April 1, 2013

My rose-coloured glasses of travel memories

Philadelphia - Benjamin Franklin ParkwayAs I look back on my my recent trip to Philadelphia, I tend to forget some details already.

I block out the tired moments spent in my hotel room, willing myself to gain some energy for more exploration.

I forget the sore feet, the lack of fast internet and the time spent waiting or my lack of an extra layer when it felt quite cold while walking.

Its my outlook that I fixate on all the good things – the amazing art, the friendly people, the tasty restaurants and the fun of wandering and discovering so many interesting murals, mosaics and sculptures.

As time goes on, I’ll remember less of the negative and only remember the positive. It’s true for nearly all of my travels – with a few exceptions.

And when those memories are just as clear and just as upsetting. So I tend to push them to the back of the  brain, and focus on the good and the interesting.

I do wonder if its just my view of my travels, or if everyone feels that way – that the cream of experiences rise to the top and the annoying and stupid things fade away, not that important in retrospect and as days and years go on, even less necessary to recall.

I sometimes get a flash – like when I look at this image and remember the wind whipping me as I tried to take photos along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia - Benjamin Franklin Parkway fountain statue

My fingers were cold, my nose started to drip and I wished for something hot to drink. But the architectural and artistic beauty of the street was too good – and I just had to keep taking photos. And I’m sure in a few months all I’ll remember is the stunning creations of artists long gone, especially this statue that was part of the street’s main fountain.


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