Posted by: Waheeda Harris | April 2, 2013

Finding France in Philly

Philadelphia - Rodin MuseumLittle did I know that an extension of the Philadelphia Musem of Art is the Rodin Museum, the largest collection of sculptures by the artist outside of France.

Located on the gallery row on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the Rodin Museum is a classically planned environment. Visitors are greeted by The Thinker, and no matter what time of year, the spare garden and fountains provide an elegant entrance to the museum’s artistic interpretaton, The Gates of Hell.

This sculpture by Auguste Rodin graces the entrance and pieces found within are larger sculptures in bronze and marble, which all relate to the gates.

As one of the best known sculptors who was labelled modern in the late 1890s, his figures are powerful, sexy, and sensual. Its hard not to want to touch them, to feel the material and the shape of the bodies he lovingly created.

And even if art and sculpture isn’t your thing, this place is a respite – a place to sit and contemplate. It would make an excellent place to dream and meditate – but for those busy with wandering the streets of Philadelphia, I say take a moment to be inspired by the beauty of Auguste Rodin’s sculptures.

It’s worth the experience to let a little bit of France take over your day traveller.


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