Posted by: Waheeda Harris | April 11, 2013

Beach psychology

Bahamas - Cable beachDo you have a plan when you go to the beach?

I always have a plan and I’m a fan of watching those who are trying to plan their beach time.

I’m all about the quiet of the morning, taking my time to find the right spot – I’m all about mixing it up when it comes to shade and and sun.

I’m lucky that I’m a sun worshiper who always wears her sunblock and doesn’t easily burn – but I wish I could lend some tips to my fellow beach goers – since not all of you want shade, but you really should!

As I recline on my lounge chair, I watch people wander the beach – looking for space under an umbrella, wanting to be in their own space – not too close to others. You can always pick out the North Americans – wanting space but not wanting to be too far from food or drink and with many electronics – mobile phone, iPad, e-reader – there’s always lots of distraction.

The Europeans will go to the ends of the beach, and take over a place, making it a mini-representation of a country since they seem to attract one another and travel in groups.

The Latinos and Italians are all about the sun – no shade needed, soaking up the vitamin D and bright sunshine from sunrise to sunset. While the Asians are not as fond of the beach – but when they do come, they crowd in under the shade, more about people-watching than sun worshipping.

But no matter how you plan your beach time – it makes for fun observation for those of us who want a little distraction, happy to contemplate a breeze, and when to get up for a drink or snack.


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