Posted by: Waheeda Harris | April 17, 2013

Rainforest and textiles

AC doorI was woefully uninformed about the resort where I stayed when I visited St. Lucia.

I knew it was going to be pretty and very lush, but I didn’t pay as much attention to the website details in my rushed organization before I left on my trip.

As I sat in the taxi on the way to the hotel, I got the inkling that where I was going to stay wasn’t going to be the traditional.

The driver explained that we would pass through the town’s downtown and then take the resort’s road – which barely seemed like a road to reach the exclusive home of Anse Chastanet.

The bumpy ride and secluded location were on purpose – discouraging anyone but guests to make it down the road, and leave you high on the hill, perched above the sea.

The main check-in was an open air structure, surrounded by lush rainforest and the chatter of birds. As I was shown the resort’s highlights, I gazed down the stairs to see the black sand streaked beach and then looked up hill to where the hotel employee indicated where I would be staying.

When I saw my room, I was surprised to find it was open air – only three walls. The canopy bed was swathed in mosquito nets, the simple wood furniture covered in the island’s bright madras pillows and the island’s flora surrounding me in every direction.

The hotel’s charm was self-evident – and enhanced by original contemporary and folk art, created by artists after being inspired by their stay at the resort.

And as I took time to gaze around my room and look at the view, I realized I could be happily left here for hours, to admire the decor and the rainforest, lulled into St. Lucia’s laid-back environment.

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