Posted by: Waheeda Harris | April 19, 2013

Sunset greeting

St. Lucia - JM sunsetWhat is it about the sunset? Something that happens every day for all of us around the world – yet we’re fixated by it, and even more so when we’re travelling.

After arriving on the island of St. Lucia, it was a quick tour of Anse Chastanet, and then it was time for cocktails and canapes at Jade Mountain.

One of the most exclusive resorts of the island and the Caribbean, Jade Mountain is the sister property of Anse Chastanet, sanctuaries that welcome guests who want the ultimate experience in these lavish suites.

A quick peek allowed me to see inside a suite, but coming to the rooftop, it was the view of the surroundings that was the most beautiful – the lush rainforest, the ocean and of course the impending sunset.

As the sun started its downward movement, and the rich colours of red, orange and pink started to streak into the blue evening sky, there was talk of the green flash.

Not a Marvel superhero, but the phenomenon of the colour briefly seen in the sky during sunset (and sunrise), is what everyone decided to try to see.

So we waited, sipping our drinks, having some snacks and waiting, waiting waiting. I realized the ritual of sunset was something everyone wanted to enjoy and in our busy lives didn’t often get to do it. A luxury – just to see the sun dip below the horizon.

And the sun set. But I didn’t see the flash – or missed it – and instead of being petulant about my lack of skill for spotting the green flash, I reminded myself – tomorrow. I’ll have another chance tomorrow.


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