Posted by: Waheeda Harris | April 24, 2013

Village life

St Lucia - villageAre you curious about how people live?

It’s one of the reasons I travel – to understand and see how people create their homes.

For those of us who live in big cities, I think our fascination with the simple life is magnified when we travel. We fixate on those who live in  simpler surroundings, without the typical trappings of urban life.

Sometimes it shocks us – the lack of what we consider essential amenities to survive – but in many ways they are richer than we are.

I like living in a big city – the ability to access a wealth of history, culture and options – coupled with technology, my career has benefitted from being in this environment.

But I do yearn for these doses of a simpler life, focused on daily needs, and forgetting about all the rest. I guess that’s why when I encounter it, I want to photograph.

Yet I’m respectful – not wanting to make people uncomfortable under the gaze of my lens – I’m not there to mock or compare, just to appreciate.

Its a quandary that I have every time – I don’t want to photograph someone or some thing if it seems disrespectful – but I want to show the beauty and the truth of a place – and how we’re wanting that connection to their reality.


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