Posted by: Waheeda Harris | April 26, 2013

Mountain reflections

St. Lucia - between pitonsVisiting the island of St Lucia, it was hard to believe that the entire island was similar to the size of the city of Toronto.

After surviving a hike of Grand Piton, walking through local villages and visiting the drive-in volcano, I had some time to think about the landscape.

Despite its small size, elevation makes this island seem so much bigger – and although I had only experienced the southern part of the island – it was like I had seen so much more.

If I didn’t get the opportunity to travel north, to see another part of the island, I would have been content with seeing the lush landscape and unique views of the Pitons from afar and close up, and an UNESCO World Heritage site.

I would have been able to boast to having gone to the world’s only drive-in volcano – and to have seen the homes of locals:

St. Lucia - piton collage

But that’s only part of the story – and there was so much more to see. More beaches, flowers, markets, rainforest – it was all to be discovered once I headed north…


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