Posted by: Waheeda Harris | April 29, 2013

Morning views

St. Lucia - morning birdDo you dream what you want your first views to be when you’re on the road?

For those of us who head south to the sea and beach, its the view we all want to have – especially when we wake up in the morning.

After a travel morning, busy afternoon and late dinner, I was glad to take time within my room in St. Lucia. I curled up in my bed and fell asleep, hoping that I would have sunlight, warm breezes and the scent of the sea when I awoke.

I wasn’t close to the beach on the hill, but I knew I could gaze out at the sea from my room.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the overhead mosquito net and looked across the room. Lying down I couldn’t see much beyond the surroundings palms and plants, but then I heard one of the birds.

And this small bird was sitting on the edge, gazing about, as if looking for friends. I slowly reached for my camera, which I had left on my nightstand, trying not to rustle the mosquito netting too much.

The bird sat there, continued its gaze about the room, probably hoping for some crumbs left on the nearby desk.

I focused, I pressed the shutter button and the bird left at the sound of my camera. But my photo – well it’s a precisely focused on the surroundings – and my bird looks more like a logo.

St. Lucia - fishermen

As I rolled out of bed, and walked to look out at the ocean, I could see the fishermen heading to find their daily catch – and thankfully my camera could capture them, so much farther away.

I know there are technical reasons for being able to create one photo over another. But I still wanted that photo of my first view of the morning – but alas, that bird wasn’t going to be my subject that day.


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