Posted by: Waheeda Harris | April 30, 2013

The golden glow

St. Lucia - sunset glowThe warmth of the sun is something you feel, but in the early morning and the late afternoon, its a powerful tool for a photographer.

Like candlelight, everyone looks good in this light, with the shades of yellow, gold and almost orange making everyone glow.

When I can, I try to play with light, trying to better my photography skills, especially taking photos of people.

So as the light at the end of the day came to grace the shores of St. Lucia, I went to see if I could find a few people looking for the last hour of sun, relaxing on the beach.

But alas, everyone had left, headed to their rooms to relax, prepare for dinner or to enjoy a drink at the bar.

I turned my lens to what was left – the oh-so comfortable loungers, the spiral of the light, and the surrounding palms and their shadows.

But I wanted a person – someone to add to the photo, to show the use, the relaxation.

I waited in vain, and then had to leave to meet my group for dinner.

Yet, was I really upset? My goal had not been fulfilled, but being able to take the time to enjoy an hour of quiet time – that’s a benefit of my job I’m always happy to experience.

sunset 1

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