Posted by: Waheeda Harris | May 1, 2013

Gettin’ dirty

St Lucia - volcanic mudDo you believe in getting entrenched in your destination? Trying everything that is offered?

Despite my lack of ability to be able to complete the hike of Grand Piton, I still kept trying to do things, and after visiting the St. Lucia volcano in Soufriere, the next option was to visit the hot pools and mud.

As the water and steam comes out of the volcano, it trickles down the mountain to an area below, where you can get dirty, and then soak away all your worries.

But my group, who had hiked, climbed, photographed and wandered, was exhausted.

This was our last stop before returning to the hotel to relax. Everyone had been awake early and now as the mid-afternoon heat and humidity was at its peak, it didn’t seem like the best plan to step into hot mud and a hot pool.

But to me it was absolutely the right thing to do. And despite me not having my bathing suit, I decided to go for it.

I knew I was doing it because I wanted to have the experience and because I had it in my head that I should do it. I wasn’t going to give up on this option.

So I took off my socks, shoes and tshirt, rolled up knee length pants and got dirty. I waded up the stream, found a pocket of soft mud below the surface of the stream and started slapping it on me.

St Lucia - W mudSoon a family who had done the same came to help me, putting mud on my back and laughing with me as I continued to laugh like a little kid.

I took photos, my colleagues took photos of me and I revelled in the experience of warm mud oozing between my toes and putting it all over myself.

Since I couldn’t soak it all off, I scrubbed as much as I could, then I got dressed, knowing I would shower when I returned to the hotel. My group got back into the bus, not paying me much attention, but I was glad I was dirty.

I knew I would remember those 20 minutes of playing in the mud – and could claim it was just me doing my job.



  1. Way to go Waheeda. Seizing the moment is the only way to go!

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