Posted by: Waheeda Harris | May 2, 2013

Conjuring up history

St Lucia - plantation 1I have a fondness for the old, decrepit, rusted and falling down. When it comes to architecture, I appreciate the pristine building, as much as the building that is falling back to earth.

Despite living in a city where old seems to be  rarely preserved, I still see those buildings standing tall among the shiny new office and condominium buildings.

But when I head to other countries, I’m thrilled when I see old buildings – especially if those buildings are getting welcomed back into the earth.

Near my hotel in St. Lucia, an old sugar plantation was now an area where guests could cycle and hike paths, but it was the old stones that caught my eye.

I tried to imagine how they were created – how each stone was hauled into place, without mortar, and piled to create walls, rooms and more than one building.

And now, years after their use had been not needed, the surrounding rainforest is taking the stones back, sneaking its leaves and vines through the vulnerable cracks, with trees shading the still partly standing walls.

I wonder what will happen in the next hundred years – and how I wish there was a visual timeline.

For this traveller, its a worthy stop. It doesn’t matter its not as famous as the Acropolis or Ephesus, its still as important as peek into the past.


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