Posted by: Waheeda Harris | May 3, 2013

Sweet discovery

St Lucia - cocoaHow did people figure out the leap from cocoa to chocolate?

After visiting several Caribbean islands that grow cocoa, I’m always fixated on that intelligent step from consuming something in its natural state and then deciding to alter it with heat.

For those that have never seen cocoa – its not dark brown powder, but a pale, creamy white covered bean, found within and orange-yellow pod.

And to taste it – its barely sweet, and definitely has a citrus flavour.

So how did it transform to become chocolate one of the world’s most favourite desserts?

I think of this every time I see raw ingredients – and I’m glad that I can start my learning process again – all those questions come bursting into my mind – how? who? what? why? where? when?

Travel becomes a reset button for me and my learning curve, and I’m glad my classroom is standing in an orchard, wandering through an art gallery or learning stories from those who know.

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