Posted by: Waheeda Harris | May 6, 2013

To market we go

St. Lucia - Castries market 2My favourite excursion in any place is to the local market.

Heading north to the main town of Castries, I was lucky to visit the market on its main day – Saturday.

From souvenirs to life’s essentials, everything can be found at the market – whether its the doll or trinket that will remind you of your trip to St. Lucia or a hot sauce or spice that will encourage you to recreate something you got to taste.

I love looking at all of it, but when it comes to spending money, I’ve learned that the cute trinkets are soon forgotten or discarded, while other memories stay strong.

So although I was lured to look at the jewellery and the dolls, it really was the spices and hot sauces that were calling my name.

I liked that they were homemade and probably hotter than I could stand to taste.

And I knew that I was getting a little heart and soul from this purchase – something that came from the island and had been created with a local taste in mind, although perhaps tempered for the visitor.

St. Lucia - Castries market

So I perused the offerings, made my selections and happily tucked my purchases away.

And now they’re proudly in my spice cabinet, waiting for me to make something that needs a fiery touch of this southern Caribbean island.


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