Posted by: Waheeda Harris | May 13, 2013

Project 13 – January

This week begins a two week period of being off the grid – but thanks to the luxury of technology, I decided to write about Project 13 – and how its affected me and contributed to my view of travel.

In January, I spent the first 10 days of the new year in New Orleans, continuing my holidays with my good friends, and the rest of the month in Toronto.

January collage

With my repeated visits to New Orleans, I understand the lure of returning to the same place regularly, being able to explore each neighbourhood, to return to favourite places and to discover what’s new, just like the locals.

With the advent of encouraging myself to photograph every day something about my world, I turned my lens to Algiers Point, the neighbourhood where my friends live, to unveil its architecture and unique style.

And when I returned home, I went into a bit of hibernation like my fellow residents in response to winter, sequestering myself with tea and movies on television.

I know that after being away from home, no matter how much I enjoy it, I need time to reflect on the time and experiences, and my apartment becomes my haven to think about all that has happened. And then I’m ready for the next adventure.

Photos: (clockwise)

– Buddha spotted in an Algiers Point garden

– The apartment window – the overnight frost melting

– My friend’s backyard features an elephant fountain

– Tea with my new teapot is my way to survive winter

– New television – and the first thing I saw was Keira Knightley, as Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice

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