Posted by: Waheeda Harris | May 14, 2013

Project 13 – February

This my favourite month – for one reason: its my birthday month.

February collage

And when I was still an office person, who had to abide by the rules of working within a group of people, I always vowed to take  holiday in this month, and especially for my birthday.

One of my first trips was to The Bahamas, to visit my friend who had just moved to Nassau, and spending a week in the warm sun with her was a smart move for someone who returned to below zero temperatures and plenty of snow.

This year, I spent most of the month in Toronto, since I knew I had a lot of work projects that needed my attention. But I was constantly reminded of travel.

I started my spring cleaning early, by recycling old notebooks of mine, old school reminders of my early years as a newspaper journalist and the transition I made from real estate, interior design and lifestyle profiles to going on the road as a travel writer.

I found a stash of old postcards – sent from around the globe by friends on their trips – which I kept, while discovering many others things that were to be discarded, donated and recycled.

I forced myself out of the house despite the cold to experience some of the local cuisine, indulge in some shopping and read about other travellers.

And when I was headed to the airport to go to Philadelphia for four days for work, I was prepared for my next round of trips – as well as had a few birthday gifts that would be in my new suitcase.

Photos: (clockwise)

– postcards from friends’ sent over the past years

– gold ankle boots – this Pisces always likes getting new shoes

– old notebooks – one last glance before recycling

– the words of Andrew McCarthy from his book The Longest Way Home

– artisanal offerings – a charcuterie board at Terroni


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