Posted by: Waheeda Harris | May 15, 2013

Project 13 – March

Back on the road – out of winter’s clutches and into the sunshine of St. Lucia.

March collage

As part of my ritual while I’m home, I try to swim every day – and walk somewhere too. Unlike many Canadian cities, Toronto’s winter alternates between snow and bare sidewalks – but the cold keeps coming, so I do find solace in the warm water of the swimming pool.

But soon I was back on the road, on assignment in the lush surroundings of the isle of St. Lucia. I was focused on learning, tasting, exploring and imprinting this new culture on myself.

And then I was back in the cold – and although the snow was gone – the days felt even more unbearable since I had a taste of sun. I wanted to get out of the city again – and knew it would happen soon. I was home for a week before I left again, but it felt like a year – I just wanted to leave.

I retreated into my home, and waited until I could head back to the airport, not wanting to see many friends or do much in the city – I was too fixated on leaving. I was longing for the outside world – and I needed it to make me feel ok.

Photos: (clockwise)

– a lucky photograph – sunset as it snows on Toronto

– my building’s swimming pool – at the beginning of laps

– the iconic Pitons of St. Lucia

– the beach at Windjammer Landing near Soufriere on St. Lucia

– still winter in Toronto, despite the bare sidewalks of Chinatown


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