Posted by: Waheeda Harris | May 16, 2013

Project 13 – April

My outlook on life changed dramatically this month – was it because I spent most of it in the sun?

April collage

Spending time in the Bahamas has always been fun for me – exploring new islands as well as spending time with my friends who live there.

Getting into the rhythm of the island, feeling the heat and humidity and knowing that I would wake up the next day and be greeted by the sun.

I felt renewed – maybe because of the weather, maybe because of my friends 0r maybe just because I needed a break. As a freelance journalist, there’s not often a lot of time to claim as true vacation – but I did it in this month. And it made a huge difference to this girl’s psyche.

When I returned mid-month to Toronto it was STILL winter. Thankfully my outlook had changed and although I knew I would be travelling again soon, I spent more time with friends and out and about in the city.

And I saw signs of spring – would it finally make its official appearance? I just knew I had to work hard, write a lot and get prepared for a big adventure coming next month.  And my energy was on high – I was ready for the challenge.

Photos: (clockwise)

– Ginger the dog knows its the right time to nap when the sun is high in the sky in Nassau, Bahamas

– On the way to my friend’s house in Toronto, a unique sign

– Getting to hear Yukon Blonde at a listening party at Harry Rosen’s Bloor Street store

– Meeting my friend to discuss an upcoming trip – the coffee shop’s art says it all about my excitement

– My three young friends at the beach in Nassau

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