Posted by: Waheeda Harris | May 17, 2013

Project 13 – May

It’s hard to sum up a month in so few days – but these days were all about work – although the best part of my work when I’m at home – exploration.

May collage

With my renewed sense of exploration for Toronto and committed to writing about what’s going on in the city, I explored all around town. From a food tour to a sneaker exhibit, from coffee to a tour of one of the city’s oldest hotels, I fell in love with Toronto again.

I was happy to be in town, and although I knew I would soon be gone for the rest of the month out of the country, I focused on enjoying all that was offered.

So as I indulged with my camera to capture the city, it reminded me why I like cities – the range of options, activities and history.

And I was glad to indulge in all this – before I went to explore elsewhere. My version of a staycation – and despite the long hours of writing, the time spent away from the laptop to do research and interviews – I was grateful for the opportunity to see, do and learn.

And with all this energy, I’m now fueled up as I immerse myself in my next destination.

Photos: (clockwise)

– The Crystal Ballroom of the King Edward Hotel, closed since the 1970s, soon to be renovated

– The Gooderham Building of Toronto, also known as the Flatiron building, now dwarfed by the towers of the business district

– Getting info on Nabob Coffee during an interview

– Out of the Box exhibit at The Bata Shoe Museum, on the history of sneakers and the culture

– Part of a mural on the side of Tom Jones Steakhouse in downtown Toronto

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