Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 6, 2013

Heading to the mountains

Although I wasn’t in Toronto for very long, before heading west to British Columbia, that flight never seems like a trip – it seems like I’m returning to where I should be.

No matter how long its been since I’ve been in the province, my favourite part of the flight is when I can see the mountains. I look out at the changing landscape as I fly west – the lakes and green areas of northern Ontario slowly morph into the checkerboard pattern of the Prairies.

BC - Rockies

I like the way the geometrical squares of yellow, brown and shades of green delineate the land, with the occasional road and then all of a sudden its all about the mountains.

The Rockies are the gateway for me, that’s when I know I’m about to be back in the land that I grew up in.

As I see this mountain range, I get sentimental, remembering all the times I had visited before.

But I also think about my favourite memory – a tale of a distant family friend, whose daughter worked for the tourism board in an office on the BC/Alberta border.

And she was asked by many tourists about the snow on top of the mountains, and who went to paint them. She had to inform these visitors it was snow and because of elevation, it was a naturally-occurring on top of the mountains.

Despite the ridiculousness of the question, its no surprise that someone can’t imagine how big these mountains are – and for me, their existence is tied to my view of home. I can’t imagine not seeing them.

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