Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 11, 2013

The floral bounty

Ecuador - rosesI’ve inherited my parents’ love for flowers – especially roses.

I grew up with a rose garden just outside my front door – the sweet scent always welcoming me home or sending me off from the house.

I learned even more about the power of rose through the centuries after my visit to Rose des Champs, a lovely rose garden, nursery and education centre located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

Little did I know that the country of Ecuador has become one of the world’s largest exporters of roses.

Everywhere I went, I saw women selling the fresh cut blooms, large bunches of pink, white, red or yellow roses.

I noticed the blooms in restaurants, hotels and in retail stores, the roses proudly displayed for its beauty as much as for being locally grown.

And I wanted to buy them – to be able to put them in a vase beside my bed. But that wasn’t possible, considering I was heading into the rainforest for a week and then to go out into the Galapagos Islands.

So I would look longingly at the roses, and gaze at them from afar – wishing my travel experience could include a bunch of flowers, but realizing that best way to enjoy them was just to see them everywhere I went.


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