Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 18, 2013

First stop, waterfall hike

E3Waking up in the rainforest became very similar to waking up at home – my first thought was all about the weather.

But the difference was – sun, rain, cloud, high humidity, cool – it would change within an hour. When we woke up that morning, knowing we were going on a waterfall hike, we were disappointed to see it was raining.

As we ate breakfast we discussed whether the hike would be delayed or changed. But instead, our guide told us to put on our rubber boots and we’d be leaving on time.

We walked single file down to the creek and slowly made our way along another creek bed, traversing it several times and getting a bit wet.

I noticed my hesitation to step into the water, despite my waterproof boots. And then I broke through my barrier, and just got wet.

It slowly happened to all of us – we got wet. We took photos, listened to our guide tell us about plants and the rainforest landscape and got wet – from the creek and from the rain.

As we climbed, we got even wetter, wading through pools and climbing up ladders and with ropes to the top – and then we reached two large waterfalls.

W waterfallBut instead of changing, taking off our tshirts and shorts to reveal our swimsuits, we just piled into the waterfalls dressed as we were.

And for some reason, it didn’t seem odd. It did seem like that was the right thing to do.

Was it some kind of test? An unspoken understanding?

18Or had we individually all realized that we were wet and dirty, and there was no need to change – because it didn’t really matter?

When I returned to camp hours later, I thought about it – and just shrugged.

Chalk one up for leaving behind the daily assumption of what’s acceptable – rainforest – rain – get wet – deal with it.


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