Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 19, 2013

Rainforest must-haves: rubber boots

Ecuador - rainforest rubber bootsAs we explored our rainforest home, another short hike we did took us not far, but rewarded us with an amazing view.

Up the road and through the trees, we joked that we all wanted machetes to take home as souvenirs.

But since we were just interlopers for a few days, no machete for us.

We did however get rubber boots  for our use, which became a love-hate relationship for many of us.

With the ever changing environment of the rainforest, rubber boots were the easiest thing to wear anywhere and everywhere.

Somehow the rubber boot, which is engineered to keep your feet dry, could handle water, mud, muck and dirt and the changing terrain way better than Merrell, Colombia, Keen, and all the other highly designed brands for the outdoors.

We could walk the trail, walk through creeks, handle the mud and muck and unlike anything else we brought with us, would dry faster than the quick dry clothing.

For less than $10, they could have been worth $100 for the use we got out of them. Our guide provided us with boots, and for each group that visits, they keep on surviving whatever the rainforest throws at them.

I was happy when I was told we wouldn’t need them again – I was always relieved when I could take them off and wear my other rainforest footwear – flip flops.

But when I think back about the numerous items I bought for my trip – the one thing I didn’t buy was the one thing that became essential to my daily life in the rainforest.


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