Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 24, 2013

The Napo River’s secret

Ecuador - Napo RiverAs part of our exploration of the rainforest, my group got to boat along the Napo River, to see more of the area and to visit an animal rescue center.

As we started from the launching area, the river looked like a powerful adversary – wide and muddy, it flowed fast. Our boat seemed more like a dinghy adrift in the ocean.

The boat was like a canoe – long and narrow – with two seats across, and the river’s edge just below the boat’s side. With all of us on board, I wondered if we would be once again getting wet.

But the boat edged its way straight through the water, the power of the motor eased my worry of the river’s strength. As we sped along the river, the thick vegetation along the river banks was our only view – there was nothing to see in the river’s depths, nor was there any animals to see around us.

Ecuador - Napo River sandWe edged our way towards an island and our guide explained we had to get out, to traverse across this rocky isle, as the river was too low for us to continue by boat.

It seemed odd that we would be facing so little water – for the past few days we had endured daily rain, some which felt like torrents of water falling from the sky on us.

And yet here, the river was bare, exposing its sandy depths, and not seeming as much an adversary as when we got back on the boat to resume our journey.

Another revelation of the rainforest – and how we were learning the secrets of the river.


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