Posted by: Waheeda Harris | July 5, 2013

Below the surface

Ecuador - Galapagos Is. fishMy underwater photography lessons continue – this time while I was in the Galapagos Islands.

I felt the pressure of wanting to document every time I went snorkeling, but I also began to realize it was just if not more important to enjoy the experience.

Dipping below the surface, there was a lot to see – many schools of fish, sea lions, turtles and even a shark.

I realized that I was captivated by the fish – how they would seemingly hover until they sensed a unknown creature (me!) and then in unison would turn away, unsure of my motives.

I was impressed by their numbers, their vibrant colours and their unique patterns – once again Mother Nature proves to be quite an artist.

From stripes to polka dots to iridescent shine, the fish wove their way around the reef, probably wishing this creature would go away.

And I was blessed with being close to sea lions once again. Although on land these creatures are sleepy and seem to move without any grace, within the sea they are as elegant as any dancer.

Ecuador - Galapagos Is. sea lion

I paused to watch it play, marvelled at the agility and impressed with the ability to get very close to me, but not touch.

It made me laugh, that the sea lion was teasing me, knowing I wished I could run the tips of my fingers along the back of its sleek form. I got so close I could see its big eyes staring at me, and could see whiskers slightly twitching, probably sensing my distinctly human scent.

The sea lion was happy -and  I was happy. And even though I got a lucky photo, that memory of that moment will never be erased.


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