Posted by: Waheeda Harris | July 12, 2013

Hello penguin

When you go to the Galapagos Islands, you have your list of what you want to see – and as I asked everyone, everyone had one animal they wanted to see.

For me it was the blue-footed booby, a bird first publicized by the illustrious explorer Charles Darwin. I thought it would be hard to spot one, not knowing I would see many of these beautiful birds, see them mating as well as see eggs for the next generation.

But for one of my fellow traveller’s, it was a penguin. He was fixated on seeing a penguin and knowing that once he saw one, the trip would be made for him.

After exploring the amazing lava fields of North Seymour Island, we returned to its wee beach to snorkel and swim. As we cooled off from our hot hike, one of our guides beckoned us to come back onto the zodiac as he wanted to show us something:

Ecuador - Galapagos penguin

Quietly approaching this wee penguin, I realized he or she was on its own, not with the group. The penguin was close to the water, but standing in the sun, preening and not too concerned about us.

So lucky for us we got even closer:

Ecuador - Galapagos penguin close up

And we gazed at the penguin, who with its unique combination of black and white, just stood there, not upset by our presence and certainly not in any rush.


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